Battery Level Support FAQ

How to set up the Schedule Manually.

1. Press windows key and type Task Scheduler.

2. Click the task scheduler program and you should see it open a program with your tasks.

3. Click the Action menu and you should see "Create Task". Click Import Task

4. Give Task a name of BatteryLevel

5. Go to Triggers and hit New. Select Run every 1 minute. (Select 5 minute and change 5 to a 1).

6. Select Actions and press New.
Leave Action as "Start a program"
Program/script: wmic
/output:C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\packages\60986LythixDesigns.BatteryLevel_qrx3rfbhcdp2p\LocalState\batteryLevel.txt PATH Win32_Battery Get EstimatedChargeRemaining

Change USERNAME to match your folder name (this is for your home directory)

7. On Conditions tab uncheck the AC checkbox or it won't run on battery.

You should see a task appear called BatteryLevel
That should be it.